Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love in a Car

What kind of a cunt has his/her mini sprayed in the style of a leopard skin? One just drove past and it's completely thrown me; I've lost my thread and I'm going to have to sit down for a minute... except, I am sitting down.

Just a brief mention of the shoulder. It went up to warp factor 11 for a few days this week and made me realise fully why I need an operation on it. As much as it pains me to admit it, some of these doctor fellows seem to have some idea what they're doing.

Why on earth would anyone who hasn't got kids want to go on holiday during the first week of the school break; a time of year when there are more screaming rugrats than flies and just as stinky?

Providing I'm able and I very much hope I am, I'm going to a festival next weekend, just for one day, but it will the first time I've ventured near one in over two decades. I really have no idea what to expect. It's the 2000 Trees Festival just outside of Cheltenham; me and Roger are off to see Amplifier and intend to be heading home by the time Fightstar come on stage. Apparently, it's very good for real ale, veggie food and rock bands... sounds positively wonderful.

As I'm writing this the final episode of Torchwood - Children of Earth has yet to air, but if and when the series comes back, I expect it's going to be considerably different.

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