Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Passion of Lovers (Part 2)

More football meanderings, so just move along until next time...

It's an international break and nearly 2 weeks without club football again, so i thought I'd look over my predictions made at the start of August and see if I've got anything really wrong:

Manchester United - right - said they'd be there or thereabouts and I see no reason why not. No longer convinced they can win it easily though, but that's a prediction made at my peril.

Chelsea - wrong-ish - at the moment they look capable of winning the league without a new big signing.

Liverpool - right - need quality outside of the Fugitive and the Pin-Up boy; too many hiccups already.

Arse-nal - right - I said anyone would be stupid to write them off.

Citeh - woefully wrong - they already look capable of not conceding a goal, ever and they have strength in depth.

Aston Villa - probably wrong - said they were most likely to break the Top 4 but despite beating the Red Shite at Anfield, I'm not convinced this team can keep up with the pace that others are setting.

Everton - right-ish - said they'd struggle for consistency and if their 65 games so far is anything to go by, then yes, they will.

West Ham, Fulham - right-ish - two teams where it really is too early to tell.

Blackburn, Bolton, Portsmouth - right on the nose - all three look like relegation material and will just hope there are others worse.

Sunderland - wrong - have had a solid start to the season and are showing signs of resilience.

Burnley - wrong - could be this year's Hull.

Wigan, Birmingham, Hull - right - all woeful strugglers, Birmingham look the most capable of putting up a fight, the other two will be on the receiving end of good hidings lots of times.

Stoke - wrong - look like being this year's Stoke, but better and with players that can win games in their side, which is remarkable, because this is Stoke.

Wolves - jury's out - I still think they'll go down, but they might have teams below them now.

Tottenham - WRONG - 4 leagues wins out of 4, a 5-1 demolition in the cup of Doncaster and have been top of the league and are now 2nd on goals scored. It couldn't get any better and what can possibly go wrong? Modric has broken his leg; King has torn a groin muscle; four other players are unlikely to return before October. Man Utd and Chelsea are next and the realist in me knows that 2 points would be sensational.

Back to work tomorrow, so all this frivolity may stop!

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