Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gig Guide 11: M83, Oxford O2 Academy; 24th January 2012

I said to Roger when I picked him up that the evening would be something different.
The journey down was uneventful and smooth; it took 66 minutes.
Roger's navigation through Oxford was exemplary.
Parking was not hard to find, just a bit awkward.
The pub was surprisingly good.
The O2 is a complete and utter piece of shit venue. I thought it the first time and I haven't changed my mind.
It was over 100 degrees in the venue by the time the band came on.
The sound was awful.
The light show was foggy.
We were surrounded by quite extraordinarily fit posh totty, all very sweaty.
Did I mention how hot it was? The two pints I had were ejaculated through my sweat glands like Andy Sipowicz eating linguine.
We moved. Our view was poor and there were loads of ignorant sweaty twats being ignorant and sweaty.
The equipment malfunction possibly knocked 10 minutes off the set.
I don't know who the other musicians were.
The middle part of the gig had the best sound, the encore pandered to the clubbers.
The journey home was uneventful and took us 57 minutes from walking out of the O2 to walking through my front door.
Despite how this sounds, I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening - very sweaty, slightly underwhelmed by the sound quality and really unimpressed with the venue, but... I had fun. I enjoyed 75% of the songs and I felt good, but tired after it.
Not my usual gig standard - musically - but I'm glad I sampled it.

7 out of 10

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