Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mangel Wurzel Terror

Effercio et Ineptias

  • Summer will be Tuesday this year, make the most of it.
  • One of those long range weather forecast 'experts' reckons this coming summer will be drier than last year... No shit Sherlock? We'd all have government-issued yellow submarines if it got any wetter!
  • My review of the new Steven Wilson album has angered people, especially on Amazon.
  • I cooked an Indian version of beans on toast last night - a chick pea curry spooned onto a toasted naan bread. it was blummin' 'andsome!
  • One of the things that's winding me up at the moment are all these things appearing on Facebook (and probably Google+) that are essentially huge slabs of moral blackmail. "99% of people won't post this..." kind of shit that means fuck all and won't change anything; even the kind natured, good intentioned bollocks that 'well-meaning' helpers think by tagging this 'threat' to some fluff piece will get more exposure. Also, there appears to be a spate of pictures of 'lottery' winners who are going to, for some unknown reason, give a million dollars to you if you share a picture of him holding his winning ticket. I don't care if you can prove to me that a) he is a lottery millionaire, and b) he means it - it's bollocks and it's bollocks that makes you look like a complete and utter twat.
  • Our patio looked like an explosion of a thousand bowels this morning... The dogs have been wormed and as a result all night there was the sound of the dog flap open and closing. Dog flaps - utterly fucking genius ideas.
  • While out for a walk yesterday we met another pack of dogs - 7 in this one and 5 of them were lurchers/whippets. I watched Marley, who is rapidly losing her crown of the Dog Bully, as they came into sight and it was closest I've ever seen to a dog's shoulders slumping, especially as none of them seemed at all bothered by her.
  • The job search is slow and leaves far too much time for reflection.
  • It's the wife's 48th birthday tomorrow; do you know absolutely no one believes me when I say how old she is? I sometimes wonder how young she would have looked had she never got lumbered with me...
  • On Sundays I usually clean the duck shed out; it's not a job that I relish despite it taking, at most, 20 minutes to do from start to finish. Last week I was wrapped up against the elements and the other week it snowed throughout the job. Today, however, looks inviting. The sun is shining, the light is beginning to take on that spring time feel (it won't properly until the 21st) and even if it is cold, it just looks good out there!
  • And it was, I stayed outside for over an hour; tidied up a bit and continued the work started last week. The real shame is we have rain on the horizon and I could have done with a couple more weeks of dry weather so that I could tackle that main shed roof.
  • I saw my first blossom of the year on the 1st, the wife seemed to think this was later than normal.
  • Almost time to bite my nails down to the first knuckle...

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