Sunday, August 01, 2010


Hangovers are, for me, a reminder that I'm not as young or resilient as I once was. Still, despite hating them with a passion, I aim for at least two a year; just to remind myself of that all over body wipe out feeling...

The annual party that came before the hangover was not as well attended as previous years, but those that came seemed to enjoy themselves as much as ever. Faces and friends I only ever seem to see once a year.

The weather was fair; the location more ordered than before and someone who over saw the BBQ operation, allowing me to get drunker faster.

Next year, it's our turn to host the bash. We do it every five years, or so it's seemed. Next year, it'll be on in September - the 10th to be precise. It will be dominated by a 25th wedding anniversary. 25... Bloody hell...

I will probably have a far worse hangover. But maybe I won't.

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