Sunday, August 22, 2010

We are in control

Ever spent ages doing something and then felt reluctant about doing anything else with it?

I have written yet another blog entry that will probably never see the light of day. 2000+ words and a real feeling that it's just not worth sharing.

It's not like its controversial or anything - I talk about my arthritis (woo), the state of the nation (boo), a video clip I was sent the link for and my adventures as an accidental voyeur. But after actually editing it this morning, I still felt it was way below my usual low standards. It might also have cast me as pervy, nerdy, whingey and totally pessimistic. I feel a bit like a glass totally empty person at the moment, which I need to get out of.

It's not helped by the way summer seems to be petering out, just when we could do with two more solid months of it to make up for the shit first half of the year. Even my positive attitude about some things has taken on a slightly 'I don't really believe what I'm saying feel'.

However, one thing did happen yesterday that I was very happy about. Shrooms! On a jaunt through some local woods, I found half a dozen ceps; all young, fresh and worth their weight in gold - literally. I also found some fresh sulphur polypor and some charcoal russulas. It was a good hour's work. I got home and my lovely neighbour Cheryl called me out to the garden. She had a BIG bag of mushrooms she'd found at her horse field. There were about a pound of field mushrooms - all in excellent shape - and because they don't like mushrooms (??!!??) they picked them for me! Wasn't that nice?

But, this is an indication of what I'm like at the moment. We had fresh rain last night; the season has started in earnest and a damp late summer and autumn will guarantee we all have a rare fungal explosion; yet I'm thinking, I'll take all my stuff, my myco-knife, basket, book and brush and end up traipsing around looking for nothing...

Apparently, you can buy a four bedroomed house with over an acre of land in Nova Scotia for about £30k... There is also a town in Newfoundland called... Dildo.

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