Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm pretty certain that I won't get the job I had an interview for yesterday. I put in a much better performance, but my nerves and the need for a job had me telling myself to shut up at times. I think I impressed them, but just not enough to get the job.

Which leaves me with very few immediate irons in the fire.

All my pay has been sorted out and with the exception of needing good references, my relationship with Northamptonshire Youth Offending Service is now over, completely. I have been working on a blog entry relating to those 6 years for the last couple of months; waiting for a time when it is appropriate to run. Or maybe I just keep it in draft form because I just want have a record of it and storing it in Blogger is convenient.

The fact that I've now had all the money owed to me means that I'm now in a race against time to get some income, but I'm all too aware that I'm kind of restricted to what I can do now.


To add insult to injury, not only have I been a bit miserable recently, neither the wife or I have got much sleep since last Thursday night. I'd like to say we've been shagging like a couple of spring bunnies, but the truth is that the dogs - all four of them now - have got kennel cough. We think they caught it off the mother-in-law's dog who also has had it.

It's the second time we've had to deal with KC; the old dogs got it after catching it from Fishwife's boxers when they went to a registered kennel.

It started with Ness, moved to Murray pretty quickly and we were hoping by Friday night that the other two would get it sooner rather than later. I suppose it's a bit like chicken pox and kids - get the thing out of the way. But Marley didn't start coughing until yesterday morning and Lexy started in the night. Ness, if the internet and local vet's are accurate should start to stop coughing by the weekend, but the poor little thing hasn't been happy and will be less so by Saturday.


To add to the mounting woes, we also have a wasp nest in the porch roof...


I have spent the best part of the last week re-watching Babylon 5. I view it the same way that people watching 1970s Doctor Who episodes must; excusing the special effects, 90s fashions and sometimes wooden acting and wallowing in a story that just hasn't aged.

I'm two-thirds of the way through season 2 and with the exception of whizzing through some episodes on fast forward, it has been a treat. Last night I got to the episode that I believe could be the one to show a non-believer. It's called In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum and encapsulates in one episode just why, at times, this was one of the greatest stories ever made for television.

It's a bit sad that the highlight of the last ten days has been a thrice watched 1990s SF TV show...

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