Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Chavtastic Four

I'm sitting here, in my office, farting about. The window is open and I could hear people talking, so I peers out and there is a fat man wearing a tracksuit, two women, also in tracksuits, one with a pushchair. All three of the adults were using their mobile phones - two talking and one texting - and the little kid in the pushchair? She was playing with a toy mobile phone!


Yeah, there's riots everywhere. It's lawlessness gone crazy and there's no excuses for it at all.

Whenever the Tories get a sniff of power you can always guarantee the three Rs - Royal weddings, Recession and Riots.

However, despite people not having as much, I never expected mass looting.

I did hear a joke though that Tottenham have a new striker because of the riots; his name is Grabatelli...


I have signed up with an agency and am quite hopeful of some work in about 3 weeks or so, once my CRB has been done (again). It couldn't come at a better time as we have run out of money...


The book is available from Amazon now. It hit an all-time high of #4 in its category. Will know just how many I've sold soon enough. It might buy me a tin of beans or a loaf of value bread if I'm lucky!

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