Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 - 24

Random Stuff
  • Why is it in a time of austerity, that building Super Casinos seems to be a good idea? Both Milton Keynes and Great Yarmouth will have these temples of avarice built in the coming years; yes, they will create jobs, but they will also create debt, gambling addiction and people trying to win themselves out of the debt the casino created. Preposterous.
  • If the current strife of the coalition government is anything to go by, my idea of a radical, new-styled UK government doesn't seem so far fetched. See here:
  • I have been wondering just how many people don't get caught up in manufactured talent shows like X-Fuctor, Britain's Got Idiots and the BBC's new The Voice (in your head says stop!)? I've never been a fan of common denominator television, neither has the wife, so Saturday night TV has always looked like a massacre in an abattoir to us.
  • Woke up this morning feeling human again, which was nice.
  • It would appear that pubic hair is out; braces are in and really fat people who appear to be comfortable with their body image are all stupid. You'd be surprised some of the stuff people hear and it appears my 1970s mindset is really out of whack. According to one of my younger friends, pubes are now in the same category as armpit hair - it's unnecessary and unsightly; apparently any unsuspecting lover going down on you, whether you're male or female, doesn't want to be confronted by either a big bushy front bottom beard or a fluffy landing strip! Braces are now classed as 'sexy', which I find even more amazing and people are keen to have them. As for obese fat people, I've always thought they were stupid for exposing rolls of flesh that only their doctor should be privy to; so no surprises there.
  • I thought the documentary about John Le Mesurier on BBC2 last night was delightful, but it seemed to breeze over one of this fine actor's biggest foibles - he smoked vast quantities of cannabis - and only two references were made during the entire program, one oblique and the other quite open. A missed opportunity, I think.
  • Watched the Dominic West and Rebecca Hall chiller The Awakening on Thursday night. It was enjoyable, slightly anachronistic (but that might just be me) and essentially a sort of melding remake of The Others and The Sixth Sense, but with a sprinkling of nudity and sexual tension. I got the feeling that with a bit more money and a different director it could have been a bit of a classic.
  • There's an interesting article in The Guide this week, essentially about why the raft of pseudo-SF shows, since Lost, have failed to hit the mark. It kind of echoes everything I said about the subject in my TV Dump last week.
  • I have been listening to the same stuff I was earlier this week.
  • I have just started reading the new King/Dark Tower book, for reasons that I haven't yet worked out.
  • I shall watch either Chronicle or Dream House tonight.
  • A picture of a horse barking the word 'cocks' at passers-by.


  1. The ex-wife was a bit of a fan of whatever the talent show is on ITV, but I've never liked them, so that's one bonus to the divorce.