Sunday, November 11, 2012

Number 88

If God Existed...

... Then one would have to imagine he was on some seriously fucking weird hallucinogenics when he came up with this:
 This is a water bear, a microscopic organism and my initial thought was it looks like a hoover bag from your worst nightmare...

Is Time Speeding Up?

"I can't believe it's November already," said one of charges on Thursday. "This year has gone so fast." I sat there and worried. Kids aren't supposed to think time flies; kids complain if there's 4 minutes left in the day. However, this isn't the first student to mention this to me in recent weeks.

I tend to be in a slightly playful mood with kids who come across as more intelligent than your average behavioural problem, so I said to the girl who made the comment, "Yes, but what if time was really speeding up but we don't realise it?"
"We wouldn't live as long, we'd just think we did."
WOW! I've heard some existential stuff before - usually from acid heads - but from a 14 year old?!

That got me thinking; time could be speeding up. Because time is relative, as long as the entropic nature remains, time could speed up and as long as everything was mimicked from a normal time span, we would only have a primordial feeling that it was happening. Then I realised that entire sentence might be a load of made up nonsense and decided to subject them to some opera for being smart arses...

Dead Bread

So, I might be big headed about my cooking prowess and my newly acquired skills at manipulating a bread making machine, but if you forget to put the mixing paddle into the baking vessel then you end up with a 3 inch thick fibrous brick that not even the dogs wanted to eat.

Neil, who is visiting with his lovely fiancée Jenny, commented yesterday that having a bread making machine doesn't save you that much money, if any. Well, if I continue to make loaves of bread like that then it will end up being more cost effective to buy bread from an independent bakers.

Top Band Name

When I were a lad I always wanted to have a rock band called Planned Accidents. You know, playing air guitar at 15, thinking you're Percy Plant and trying to come up with a cool sounding name. A couple of weeks ago, something popped into my head, a brilliant band name, that needs to be used. Ladies, gentlemen, strange alien beings, I give you...
Dudley Pope and the Fascists!

A Short Conversation

"What are you going to do when you leave school?"
"Nothing; my parents are rich and they'll look after me for as long as I want."


أشياء غير معقولة
  • Have been pleasantly surprised by some of The Cure's stuff I have never bothered playing. It seems that while Mr Smith never really matched the wonderful Pornography, he did do enough stuff in the 80s and 90s to at least make him worthy of a mention. 
  • I have been listening to Ozrics in the car and took a sabbatical from the alphabet listening to give the new Hidria Space Folk a bash and I have, for some reason, put a Global Communication CD in the wrong place in my alphabetical listings and couldn't be arsed to stick it in G. Crash Test Dummies might get the bin treatment.
  • I began A Dance with Dragons yesterday, despite promising a student that I would read Of Mice and Men over the weekend. I enjoyed A Feast for Crows despite it lacking in major characters and a main/major story. I did find it hard work at times, but the moments of utter madness more than made up for it.
  • Who would have thought that the typo 'avbout' would end up having so much meaning...
  • Here's my chance to upset a load of my friends: on retrospect, all the Star Wars films are a load of B-movie shite. Carrie Fisher couldn't act to save her cocaine habit.
  • The search for decent potatoes continues - the piss poor summer has, it seems, put paid to anything that's worth eating...
  • The Walking Egg certainly went off-piste this week. I get the impression the original comic is now just the inspiration rather than the rule.
  • Have you guessed what it says yet?

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