Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've got the lurgy.

No, not Manflu. There is a difference between the lurgy and manflu. The lurgy is genuine.

Quite ironic really; in the last month I've had a stomach bug and now the lurgy. I haven't had much more than a sniffle since April of 2009.

However, despite having a sandpaper throat and a thick head and a heavy chest (oo-er); I'm fit enough to continue doing my job. I saw a doctor today regarding whether or not I can continue doing my job and, if I want to be really honest, the outcome was never in doubt. The doc, a very nice man, who also happens to be a magistrate, not only understood my job, but knows it well and feels that in my case it is possibly the best kind of job I can have.

I have to watch my driving and keep active when I'm not active; I need to manage the pain as best I can and I can't forecast when I'm going to have as AS attack, so it's a hypothetical question as to whether or not it is going to affect any continuity issues. plus he feels I need to be moved closer to my home base. In other words, providing we all do it right, I should be fine. I can put away thoughts about being retired off on medical grounds!



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