Monday, November 29, 2010

Neighbourhood #4

It's Global Warming, innit!

I have to say after seeing footage of parts of Scotland and the North-East today, you don't expect to see 10 feet of snow in January or February, let alone at the end of November! It has looked pretty remarkable and at the time of starting to write this (16:40pm) it was starting to snow heavily again in the worst affected places. Good luck to them and I'm a bit envious - as I said the other day Northampton doesn't do snow much (you have to feel a bit sorry for the kids, especially those who see it snowing everywhere else and wonder what we've done to just get the freezing cold).

It looked like it was going to snow in Northampton today. The skies looked heavy and the temperature was -2 and I thought, 'Well, they said if it was going to happen today it would be between 9am and noon.' It still hadn't by 1pm, then the sun came out. By 1.30 there were clouds appearing, a few light snowflakes appeared and then stopped. By the time I took the dogs out for a walk the gauge on the Zafira read +2 and I was overdressed.


The other neighbour - the idiot rather than the fishwife - was out tipping hot water on his car windows this morning. I've seen him do it a couple of times and thought of a word that rhymes with banker. This cold and frosty a.m. however was slightly different. I suddenly heard him curse like a Tourette's syndrome sufferer given a massive wedgie.

I looked out of the window, saw nothing, looked again, and noticed a huge great crack running down his windscreen. I stifled a hysterical laugh, resisted the urge to go outside and call him an idiotic twat - because it was bound to happen - and realised that he's going to do it again; regar
dless of what happened. Also the word 'wankspanner' comes to mind - a great word and one not used enough! He was too lazy to scrape it and too impatient to sit in his car and let the heater do its job, serves him right. This gave me more reasons to be cheerful!


This WikiLeaks business says something that the media doesn't seem to have thought about: what are in the Top Secret communications?

It also makes me laugh when the Americans called Mohammed Karzai (of Afghanistan) 'paranoid' when its obvious that its the USA that is the most paranoid. It also suggests that going into politics is not a good idea, especially if you don't want your life coming under then scrutiny of the CIA or the US Secret Service (Notice how the initials of Secret service are SS).

The Arabs are as bad as every one else, but don't like admitting to it. That is so funny.

Face it people; we live in a scary world where it isn't just the overtly scary people that can terrify. In America, they want Right Wing Republicans in charge - people that make George W look like Zippy from Rainbow...

That bit of waste ground at the foot of your garden? Consider this - do I have a holiday next year to some warm country or do I build that fallout shelter I considered obsolete back in the 1990s? Mind you, after seeing The Road and watching The Walking Dead, I'm not terribly keen on living in post-apocalyptic planet Earth; there will be far too many humans, like cockroaches, that survive...


On the cable TV station UK Gold at the weekend was a Fry and Laurie Reunion. It was great and made you realise that it has been 15 years since the last series of A Bit of... 15 years!!! It made you want the two of them to put aside their National Treasure statuses, disregard their documentary and most popular TV show in the world things and do another series.

They are both comedy geniuses and Gold should have shown more of the two of them and got the rights to show the four series of A Bit of... rather than use the reunion to promote the fact they were doing a Blackadder weekend.

*** check it out and cycle through the different multimedia pages.
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