Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow as a Fashion Statement

Hasn't summer been good so far?

Had a birthday this week. It was the 49th in an annual succession of them.

I sometimes astound myself at time and the way it meanders along at such a constant and unforgiving way. The way it allows your mind to stay sprightly while buggering up your body in an insidious way that never ends well.

People who say the Seventies was the decade that fashion and music forgot obviously were comatose during the Eighties.

I found it quite ironic while sorting through some work stuff yesterday that the one time I appear in the newspaper, during my 6 years at this current employer, should have the headline: Silver surfers can get tips from youngsters.

I need beer. I need to OD on beer, then go on a diet. I need to do this because I am FAT.

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