Saturday, April 02, 2011

Let's Moan About the Weather

It's been a strange week. It has been filled with endings or the beginnings of endings; but I did buy a rhubarb crown so there was something beginning. The circumstances behind the purchase of the rhubarb is worth repeating. It was Thursday, I was sitting at my desk at work, doing nothing and with the prospect of doing some more nothing for at least 4½ more hours. So I emailed my line manager and said I was bored, I had some seed potatoes to get and I was going home. I received a reply pretty quickly saying, yeah that's fine, see you next week. Job done. So I went to the garden centre, bought some Golden Wonder and a rhubarb crown, came home, sat in the sun and dozed off for a while*. It was a damned sight more positive than sitting at work.

I have suggested 'gardening leave' mainly because I have very little intention of helping out. My argument will be, "I won't be here in 5 weeks so here's a good opportunity to see what life will be like without me." I might then flick them the Vs or go and wee up the side of one of their cars...

Suffice it to say, I've been a touch discombobulated this week. What to do... What to do...

Well, I need to go on a diet and shed at least 2 stone or 30lbs of fat that seems to have taken residence in my stomach. I need to exert myself a little more, because it isn't that bad the next day and apart from finding a job there are probably dozens of things I could do or should do or have to do, if only to remain sane-ish.

*I say sat in the sun and dozed; the reality was I was awoken by the sun going behind a big sod off cloud and the temperature dropping by about 5 degrees. I really shouldn't moan about the weather because it is only just April, but all the threats of high temperatures and spring sunshine obviously, like most of the snow, happened somewhere else. I think Northampton has its own eco-system because it's not in any way related to other places' weather patterns.

I have to go shopping to Chavsco's because we need some cheap junk food...

This is how exciting my life is going to get!!!

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