Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strike a Light

To some, Thursday's strike is an inconvenience, a hindrance and is being perpetrated by a bunch of greedy public sector bastards who should be grateful for whatever they receive in these austere times. Not working at the moment, I find that it's largely passing me by, but that's not to say I haven't got an opinion and the opinion I have is worth looking at, in my humble opinion.

It's not the fault of public sector workers, the teachers or other people on strike. They didn't demand to be offered the pensions they received when they started working for the companies they do now. They didn't ask for these special provisos when they were offered the job they do by the people who set these figures.

Nor is it particularly far that you, me and most everybody else is made to pay for the mistakes of others. We are paying for the bankers' cock up over and over again and this, 'we're all in it together' bullshit has got to stop. we are not all in it together, some are in it more than others.

Just remember that on Thursday when you have a moan about unions, or complain about teachers - whom incidentally have to teach today's kids - or complain about being put out by these selfish striking bastards. They didn't ask for this; they didn't cause this mess and now they, like us, are expected to pay for it; like we've paid for previous cock-ups by Labour, Tories and local councils.

It doesn't matter who the politicians are, you pay and pay again for their desire to look after the super rich, so they keep their money in this country, which they barely pay any tax on at all.

If you're put out by the strikes; just remember, if it was you who was facing more contributions for less pension at a retirement age of 68 and, more importantly, no guarantee that your job is going to be safe in the next few years, anyhow. Would you just sit around and let the government royally butt fuck you? Or, do you think like that stupid woman on the TV last night, that its your prerogative to work like a cunt for your entire life to serve a greater master who will lord over all of us with their ill-gained riches. the woman who feels we all have to suffer to bail out subsequent idiotic governments who leave the economy in the hands of corrupt arseholes!

Don't be annoyed on Thursday; the people who are striking are already feeling the pinch and they won't get paid. If you feel some righteous indignation, you should write to David Cameron asking him what these people have done to be made to pay for the bankers' mistakes; what heinous crimes public sector workers have committed to make them pay for something they had no control over? Don't get pissed off at pickets, get pissed off with your local MP, whatever persuasion he or she is, because it's theirs and their predecessors' faults we're in this mess, and they need to be reminded.

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