Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 - 66 and Out

An End to Things This is the thing you need to know now. This is my new toy. I like it and in a strange way it might also allow me to start the divorce from Facebook. My pal Chev said as much nearly two years ago when Facebook really started to cheese people off and I should have checked Tumblr out then, but, you know, shit always gets in the way.

I also expect that people on Facebook will be astounded by my about face because of the amount I'm suddenly doing; but that's because my Tumblr is liked to my Facebook and I kind of will be playing with Tumblr a bit until the novelty wears off. I also like the fact that it offers me so much more than Blogger ever could and there's very little about it that I can find serious fault with.

It's going to be weird leaving Blogger; I've had a few blogs here over the last 8 years. I actually started blogging under a pseudonym when I was 42; if I blogged prior to that I can't remember where. That blog was called 42 and can be found here: you never know you might find it interesting. I got back into it after losing stuff for years and now I can't gain access again because I lost the password to the Google Mail account it was initially linked to. 

Oh and the name I use? EP Rodway? Ethel Patricia Rodway, my grandmother and mother's first names and nan's surname. That's one secret out...

I actually have a Wordpress blog, well, actually a couple if you count Sports Discuss with Roger. I started a Wordpress account to republish the Comicbook Diaries and migrated them all over there, but like the edited version of the book, it's just sat around getting zero attention from me. I could probably get in there, start another blog and just carry on regardless, but a change is as good as a rest and all that.

I've already been posting shit to the Tumblr account (if you hadn't noticed) and it's going to be difficult not to be a wee bit anally retentive about this account, considering all the work that has gone into the last few years and all the posts and comments. But I'm not deleting it and once I've worked out how, I'll make sure there's a link back here on the new one. I have Chev coaching me.

Thanks for sticking with this; join me somewhere else; it'll only really be the address that's changed.

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