Friday, September 21, 2012

Blogger is Shit

Today, in fact this entire week, has been one fucking disappointment after another and to round it all off Blogger finally got rid of their nice, easy to use interface and replaced it with a dog's dinner of a piece of shit that is difficult to operate, has endless bugs in it and I neither like nor want. However, I don't pay for this service, like I don't pay for Facebook, so I have fuck all say in the matter.

I have investigated migrating the blog elsewhere, but frankly, it seems that cunts like google, Wordpress and all the other arseholes don't care about people like me who want simple easy to operate things; they have to make things really fucking complicated. Change everything or move it around and then give you bugger all ways to contact them and ask why and can I change it back please. We are not customers, so therefore our satisfaction isn't an issue.

I seem to recall the expression, "IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT"; unfortunately that's a ideal that has long since died out, like dinosaurs and good manners.

I have bombarded Google (cos they 'own' Blogger now and are probably using it as their bitch) with abusive messages via every possible way and expect to have this account terminated, especially when I post the link to this on their forums and continue to call them and their employees all the cunts under the sun.

The irony is I can actually buy this domain from Google; but I can't have the old fucking interface with that either! (Oh and get this, Google's fucking Blogger spellchecker, doesn't recognise the names Google or blogger; how fucking genius is that? Oh and the spellchecker has also crashed - one of those little bugs they clearly haven't bothered ironing out...)

I am growing more and more tired of the Internet and the banal, crass and fucking alien world it has created. I've had my fun on the net and now I just want to use it easily, without fuss and be left alone by potential advertisers, or anyone else that thinks they can sell me something, make my experience more enjoyable, or value my feedback (because you fucking obviously don't you sanctimonious condescending bunch of motherless cunts).

September hasn't been its usual Indian summery wonder; work is tiring as well as tiresome; people have let me down; the pub quiz has become a chore rather than an enjoyment; beer has been okay but my mind hasn't been on it; Apparently there's a comicbook convention in the county this weekend, but you wouldn't have thought so given the complete lack of publicity (Jesus, I've been out of comics for 10 years and I could fucking organise a convention with more savvy than most of the twats currently doing it); Spurs are shit and there's this idiot group of fans who are spouting the most inane and ridiculous bullshit I've ever heard and nearly six weeks into stopping smoking and I really, truly, fucking hate you all and would gladly kill your children and piss on your cats...#

Oh and Blogger is a load of rancid shit.

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  1. Shifted to wordpress a couple of weeks back. Not having a problem with it and could very easily transfer the old blog over. C'mon, if I can use it . . .