Monday, April 08, 2013

X Rated

This is wrong. I took someone's badly written diatribe, edited it, added some extra facts and I'm now passing it off as my own. Maggie would have been pleased.

"Before the sycophants start eulogising her let's have a look at her true legacy:
Thriving communities which were destroyed by her policy of 'greed is good' the rich got richer and to hell with the rest of us. She taught us to 'shop our neighbour' instead of loving him. She made Britain a Me culture rather than an Us one.
She saw more crime during her reign. More drug use. More suicides. She propagated the collapse of the 'community' way of life.
She sold off the public owned industries to kick-start the 'Rip-Off Britain' that we have today. The railways, gas, electric, British Telecom all needed reform, yes, but all she did was pass them onto foreign ownership with the resultant charges that we suffer today. Under her watch all infrastructure building and rebuilding stopped; not only did she want our milk, she wanted the kids she took it from to have no future.
She did look after her family, while destroying everyone else's, children were forced to move away, or both partners forced to work to make ends meet. The result is the main reason for the high costs of social care today (or the total lack of it because there is no money for it) - but to be fair, she did look after Denis, letting him use No.10 notepaper for his business so foreigner companies thought that they were dealing with the government. Mark, her son, did all right with dodgy arms deal didn't he. The daughter, the racist one, she had a career on the BBC until her true colours started to show.
What about those arms deals? How many innocent pawns did she and the Argentinian generals kill in the Falklands - a war every expert states could have been averted. She won a general election on their graves in one of the greatest turnarounds in political history - from most unpopular to most popular PM through the fine art of jingoism.
Health and education became run-down, and the school playgrounds sold off, and the Tories of today have the gall to complain Labour borrowing money to rebuild schools and ensure the hospitals that will treat us all when we're old CAN still treat us.
Heavy industry, such as shipbuilding, steel and coal mining were wiped out to make us entirely dependent on other countries for our manufactured goods. Now we don't make anything thanks to Thatcher; we just serve each other in shops and watch the bankers getting rich at our expense. Do you think they're laughing? At us? And where was all that private industry money? The kind Tories love to remind us is the saviour of employment; like today, there wasn't any, so unemployment lines grew. Don't let Tories deceive you into thinking there were over 2 million unemployed because they wanted to sponge off the state - there were so few jobs, the Tories had to invent a government work program to massage the dole figures.
She gave us all the chance to be home owners by selling off council houses cheaply, it sounded great didn't it? But did you notice that although the house prices were reduced thereby starving local authorities of money, the interest rates shot up - to as high as 16% so that the fat cats won, again. There was an insidious motive behind this; as soon as you get everyone in debt, workers feel less inclined to strike for their rights.
She was PM during the Poll Tax riots - because the Poll Tax really was so fair. She oversaw standards of living dropping for the first time in this country since Dickensian times, she increased poverty levels faster and more arbitrarily than any PM before or since (well, possibly with the exception of Cameron). She had a two-faced rhetoric over Europe, was disgraceful in her pandering to American and its bankers, and of course, how could we possibly forget the cold indifference to peoples suffering.
And they will be telling us how wonderful she was, these eulogies. There will be little or no mention of the outpourings of hate on unprecedented levels by any of the Media outlets. The media will airbrush all of the horrors she unleashed on the UK out of immediate history, so that the younger generation will be completely puzzled and appalled by the behaviour of everyone who has praised God for her death."

I am more than aware that there are people I know who will view Thatcher as an icon, a shining example of something that I would vehemently disagree with and will find my actions, and those of many many many of their other friends abhorrent - this was an 87 year old woman for God's sake, how can I be so cold and callous? Easy. This is me being understated and restrained. She is the only person I can think of in the entire world where I've been actively waiting for this to happen since 1979 and yes it is strange, but the sad thing is she won't be here any longer for me to pray for her death.

To my friends and acquaintances - if you are truly offended by my thoughts, beliefs and words then you know where the Hide button is or you know where the unfriend one is too, it's right next to Hide. I don't want to lose any of you as friends, but, you know, I don't really give a shit if you're not with me on this one.

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