Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I face a dilemma. I'm going to have to stop taking the Oxycodone. I would appear that I am suffering from every single possible side effect connected with them and to be honest I think I'd rather be in pain than go through some of the fucking weird and wonderful shit that accompanies this opiate.

In a nutshell - itching, constipation, dry skin, bad taste in my mouth, listlessness, bad temper, insomnia, red eyes, lack of sensitivity, loss of sex drive (not that I could do anything about it with my back, but it just adds to the list). In fact, I put a big fat tick next to every single one listed apart from heavy periods (you can go figure that one out yourself).

So, I'm reverting back to the co-codamol, naprosyn and ibuprofen concoction. I also think that my back/groin/hip has eased off sufficiently for me to ease off on the powerful 'controlled substance'. I mean, the wife has to show her ID whenever she picks up the prescription.

Yes, if the pain returns with a vengeance I might have to go back on them, but I'm going to take that gamble...


I watched The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and 20 Million Miles to Earth today. I strongly recommend you don't. At least X the Unknown had a quirkyness about it. 20 Million was just misogyny at its worst and 20,000 was just poor.

Tomorrow, I have two from Them! When Worlds Collide, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Earth Versus Flying Saucers. I'm hoping that at least two of them are as good as i remember them to be. I know one is a classic, but the other 3?


My ex-boss and work colleague Wilky came over to see me today (he's the one who said if all the cuts come into play we'll see a return to the workhouse and debtors' prisons - I showed him Steve Bell in the Guardian today; he must have felt like a prophet!). It was good to hear what's been going on since I've been off work - not a lot by the sounds of things. He also brought me that new Orb and David Gilmour CD. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a load of shit, especially as he rates it...


I have to admit that I've spent a lot of my time playing a Facebook application game called Social City. I always swore I'd never get sucked into this kind of ridiculous and frankly unsafe type of thing that eventually means that to progress you have to make 'friends' with total strangers because your own friends are sensible enough not to get involved. It isn't just Social City. Farmville is the most popular game of this kind on Facebook and at least two of my nieces play it. They need more neighbours to play and progress and they don't have enough of their friends that play it; so this means, like many thousands of other people, they post "Add Me" on the Farmville homepage; inviting total strangers to befriend them and therefore allowing these strangers access to their personal information, photographs, etc. This is a bit wrong, don't you think?

My mate Røyrvik posted the following (after he had an attempted scam pulled on him) on the game's website tonight and feels that more people should take note:
Jijankata Kane is a fraud and a scammer. He or she does not play Social City, yet is fishing for people to add him or her claiming to have cheats, ways of making extra cash, etc. Some of the links posted on his/her page take you to outside web pages with no controls on them.

This really proves that Social City developers have no conscience - there are kids under 18 playing this game who are having to make 'friends' with all kinds unknown people to be able to progress in the game. This is dangerous. Does a kid have to be groomed and possibly abducted or murdered before games developers realise that it is dangerous forcing people to make 'friends' with strangers just so they can advance in their games? Social City and other developers need to come up with a safer way (that doesn't involve real money) for people to progress!

I totally agree and support him! I mean, think about it, if there really are 400 million users on Facebook, then a percentage of them are going to be crooks, hackers, paedophiles, rapists or murderers. If your kid is on Facebook, do you know what information they're sharing with strangers?

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