Thursday, October 28, 2010


I promise I'll stop talking about my health soon enough. I just thought that today's piece of poetic justice was worth mentioning...

I've been suffering, not from pain, but from the withdrawal of my artificial heroin addiction. I've been sweating, shivering and sweating and generally feeling sick (and sweaty). It's the reason why I stopped taking the pills 24 hours ago, even though I had a good idea that my body would react this way. Today, sitting here, doing the research on my last blog entry, I broke out in a cold sweat that was almost unbelievable to accept if I wasn't a first person witness to it. I watched my black T-shirt go an even darker shade of black as around my armpits, my chest and stomach area. I was amazed - as well as not very happy. It really isn't a nice sensation, but it was worth watching. it was like I'd run a marathon in my head but my body reacted like it really did do a marathon. It was so bad, the sweat was almost dripping off of my forehead.

Anyhow, that isn't the point I'm trying to make. While taking a break between When Worlds Collide and The Sarah Jane Adventures, I decided to empty the dishwasher. Nothing groundbreaking there I admit, but I did something really stupid; I left one of the cupboard doors open; so when I whirled around on my good leg, I whacked my left leg right on the edge of the open door, right on the main part of my leg - the rectus femoris muscle; the one that apart from your gluteal muscles is really important for balance and walking. This was already suffering from some muscle wastage due to the inactivity of the last 3 weeks. I effectively gave myself a massive dead leg. I expect the bruise will be well impressive. The thing is, the force I hit it with has aggravated my hip and groin again. The limp is back, even more pronounced.

I am so not fucking happy...


Among my SF loving buddies, there was a sense of disgruntled disbelief that Caprica, the follow up to the rebooted Battlestar Galactica had been cancelled. Many of them believed the latter to be one of best SF TV series of all time and a the prequel to be equally as good in a more soap opera rather than action adventure way. Personally, I found Caprica to be as dull as dishwater, uninspiring and above all, a series where we know how its going to end; albeit not for another 50 years.

The makers of Battlestar are obviously desperate for something as successful because they haven't given up trying to flog the franchise. They have just green lighted Battlestar: Blood & Chrome; a series set during the last days of the 1st Cylon war and focussing on a young Bill Adama (the main human in the reboot) and his rise to the top while fighting the Cylon threat.

There's just one massive problem with this series. We all know how it ends.

Now, a great idea for Battlestar that seems to have been universally overlooked is setting it ten years after the epilogue of the first show. Which, if any of you were still awake by that time, turned the attention to Earth in the current era and how electronics and robots were gaining more and more of a foothold over our every day lives. Surely, a follow up series based on this premise and extrapolating to the point where maybe archaeologists find remnants of the original settlers millions of years earlier; thus proving that mankind didn't just evolve from primitive versions of ourselves, but possibly from humanoids from other worlds and were involved in a desperate battle against man made machines; might, just might, have made for a better idea?


The aforementioned When Worlds Collide was remade in 2009 under a different title and thanks to the advancement of scientific knowledge with a slightly different premise; however 2012 was essentially the same film, but was over an hour longer, cost 37 times more money and was arguably not as good...


Boris Johnson - has he discovered his human side or is he worried that he'll be voted out of office so fast his feet will only barely skim across the scalps of the mass exodus of poor people from the city? You decide.

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  1. I thought Caprica was terrible, so, you know, not bothered.