Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tonight, I am going to get slightly squiffy. Possibly majorly squiffy. I might even get drunk.

I've just been officially made redundant and that means 5 weeks notice and then I'm facing my first major period of unemployment since 1989. The reason I'm being so pessimistic is because, this time, I'm one of many and all of us can't be guaranteed to get a job.

In many respects, I only had myself to blame. I didn't do enough research on the two jobs available at work; because I expected it to be based on our experience rather than quoting legislation; but I suppose getting people to quote bits of legislation allows them to sort the wheat from the chaff. To employ those people that, perhaps, had already been pencilled in.

I could go into this a lot deeper and one day, probably at the end of May I shall, but I will say that the previous statement was supported by there not being an independent 3rd person on the interview panels. Not having someone independent means that its easier to score the 'right' person for the job and if I suggested that the positions were a fait accompli then I'd be wrong, probably. But it does make me (and maybe you) think.

In the future I might bleat about some things, but just to level this a little - I didn't have very good interviews; it was a mixture of strategically placed questions and a lack of confidence on my part. I have no complaints about it at the moment; any recriminations are sure to come as i face an uncertain future...

At the moment, I'm a little numb and fancy a big fuck off spliff. So a few pints will more than make up for that!

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