Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trampled Vague Rant


Will you look at that. Not a cloud in the sky. Temperature on the patio up to 14º and despite being a 15 stone plus lard arse at the moment, I feel full of the joys of spring! It's amazing what a bit of warm sunshine will do even if the country is going to a Cameronian Hell in a devalued hand basket!


I appear to have been in the news this week. is nice, even if the facts are slightly wrong and the title makes me sound like someone with ADHD. Considering I've had a tendency to be less than charitable to the author of this piece and his myriad other comics pieces, it's nice to feel, for a day, like I once meant something.

Of course, this attention has come my way because I've started to serialise my 2005 autobiographical book about my life in the comics industry. There are going to be a lot of people reading it and many of them might get bored shitless by the time they even get a name drop. I'm not suggesting for a second that I think it's boring, but I know comics fans and a lot of them are just scanning pages to see if they or someone they know has been mentioned. The first dozen parts are largely very autobiographical and will reference a time when most of today's comics fans were either unborn or too young. Plus there's 150,074 words to get through, and that got cut down from 170,000+.

Oddly enough, talking to Roger about it over a beer on Thursday night, I realised there were at least two specific things I don't talk about - which considering the amount of words, is quite remarkable. One of them has been inserted into the rapidly expanding epilogue, which isn't due to be published until 10th February 2012. The other thing needs some thought (and we'll leave it at that...)

I've been going through that post-production flump. I'm aware that 'flump' isn't really a word, but it's a good description of how I used to feel when an issue of whatever magazine I was working on had finished. With me doing very little at work at the moment, while we all wait around for the grim reaper of redundancy, it's been a bit... flumpish. I've wanted to sit down and do something at a keyboard, but while the flesh has been willing, the mind has been farting at me - lots of hot air, but nothing more tangible than some bad smells.

I expect the attention I'm getting from the comics world again will die quickly and will almost be completely forgotten about until August, when people will begin theorising how long it is before I get a cease and desist letter. He has to find out where I live first, as I no longer live in the place he thinks I do... Plus, he has to prove that all the things I say about him aren't true.

My Monthly Curse - a Comic Book History is being published randomly and is available to look at and is being simulcast at


Sod this for a game of soldiers; I'm off to do something far more constructive in the sun!

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