Thursday, May 19, 2011

Strange Cheese

I stumbled across this while Googlewhacking to see if my serialised comics book has made any impact; it's from my former employer's Wikipedia page and is the only entry for the section Comics International:

Former Comics International editor Phil Hall has made numerous allegations about Skinn's character, including claiming that Skinn fired him in January 1997 for missing a business meeting to attend his mother's funeral.[9]. Skinn claims that as Hall was working freelance, he could not be fired and that Hall's memory must be at fault as his mother had died almost a year earlier.

This would once upon a time have had me reaching for my inhaler and hurtling a barrage of abuse at the computer screen. 'Numerous allegations'? Cheeky bastard. Once, in a column for the Comics Village did I relate the tale of being fired because my mum died - which did happen and I have the email to prove it! It also happened in 1998, not, as he suggests 1996. There have been some others, but all out of the general glare of publicity; but no more than were levelled at me by him.

He loves accusing everybody else of rewriting history, while he edits his own to his heart's content...


This time tomorrow I shall be unemployed. I think I've indicated that it's begun to hit me harder than I expected or showed, but there are some glints of light on the horizon, which is better than I could have hoped for.

As for this part of my recent history, well, let's make sure I get my redundancy money before I comment on it further, eh?


I had a list of things. I seem to have mislaid it...

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