Monday, May 16, 2011

Octopi Primrose

Part of me wonders if my wibblings about television are more of a turn off than my ones about football? Maybe I should do one about football and television as a form of weird hybrid?

The similarity with this title and the last one is deliberate. I have now seen the 4th episode of Doctor Who and the finale of Smallville. I am no further to proving my DW theories from last time, but nor have they been disproved. I expect the next two part episode, which will also conclude this series until the autumn, will either prove me to be a genius or just another sad fanboy second-guessing SF series.

The latest DW was entertaining, but it wasn't the work of genius that many of my friends have been bestowing on it. I shan't go into details but it was a trifle confusing for the young'uns, the villain was not very defined nor was there much logic or reason behind whoever 'House' was; yes he wanted Time Lords and there might have been some relevance in the 'boxes', but I'm growing a little tired of each episode ending and me having more doubts/questions put in my head.

But, the main reason I'm writing this is because I watched the finale of Smallville and here's my review:


Yep; that's it. 'Meh'. And trust me that's being generous.

The series has always been a mixture of shit, shittier and diarrhoea, but the final episodes were poor. I mean really, really poor. Villains despatched in less than 1 minute; a pointless, and boy do I mean pointless, return for Michael Rosenbaum; a pointless death, a pointless disappearance and a pointless book end that didn't really make any sense. Final episodes of series you invest a lot of time and energy into are supposed to bring a tear to your eye; send a shiver down your spine; have you on the edge of your seat, shouting at the telly.

None of you want to read about me wibbling on about a show you won't watch and probably think I'm mad for wasting 170 hours of my life on.

The finale was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how shit this series could be.

And I'll say no more...

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  1. Three more episodes for Who. There's the two-parter, then one more mini-finale before the summer break.