Sunday, September 04, 2011

Come and Burgle Me!

My mate Chev gets a little OCD about Facebook and its privacy controls. I'm quick to point it out to him and feel that sometimes he overreacts to the entire Facebook culture, which to be fair, neither of us are that committed to. Chev prefers Tumblr and other things like that and I actually like to talk to people - you know talk, that's where you are either looking at a person or using the telephone and exchanging views, etc., via the medium of speech. We are involved in this social networking nonsense, but needs must.

Recently Facebook has had another one of its 'making things easier for its members to share information' makeovers and for Luddites like me this is just another pain in the arse. One of the recent additions to 'improving your Facebook experience' is the new Status Update facility which now allows you to link to other Facebook friends you happen to be with and allows you to pinpoint where exactly they are at a given time. For example: Joe Bloggs is with Fred Bloggs at the Old Clunge Pub in Little Pisser on the Flange. The Bloggs brothers have now announced to the world that their respective homes are empty and a prime target for any of their opportunist 'friends' tom pop round and liberate them of their stuff.

Or, as with one I saw today, two of my friends were at their folks' for dinner and Facebook pinpoints their folks house with a close up map - another handy tip from the burglar friendly people under Mark Zuckerberg. You might as well leave an answer machine message saying, 'Hi, I can't come to the phone right now as I'm on holiday in a foreign country; so pop round and help yourself to the flat screen and other gadgets!'

Facebook, where all the thieves hang around for handy tips!


Mushrooms are back and how! Over 2lbs of the buggers were collected up at the park near the industrial estate and I left soooo many more!

The crappy August has meant that we could be in for a repeat of last year's veritable feast of mycelial goodness.

I haven't done a good old mushroom report for a few years, maybe this year I'll indulge myself...


Families, eh?

If anyone is going to let you down it's the family.

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