Monday, October 15, 2012

Number 72


Not a happy bunny.

The spirometry test hasn't been done because I have... another chest infection. For fuck's sake 2012 is going to go down as the year I had a right proper falling out with my lungs! 2011 - Year of the Back. 2012 - The Curse of Florence's first album.

So, because my surgery has just taken delivery of the flu vaccine, the place was crawling with pensioners as they attempt to immunise everybody inside a week. I would have had mine as well had I not... well, you get the message.

Because the doc's surgery was heaving with OAPs eager to get pricked, I agreed to go back in the morning, at 8.30, to see the doctor. Looks to me like I'm going to be off work for a couple of days at best and what with my assistant also off... well, you get the message.


I think it started with Clunge. Until The Inbetweeners started using it I wasn't even aware it existed. It might be that it didn't and I only started to hear it because of said TV programme (which I eventually watched during the summer hols). But, the English language constantly evolves and neologisms are popping up all over the shop.

Here are four words, with explanations, that I was totally unaware of until last year.

  • Hench - means big, strong, fit. Probably derives from Henchman. An example would be: That bloke is bear hench.
  • Peng - means hot, very good and the other definition of fit. Could derive from anything. Eg: I just bought some peng weed.
  • Chode - means a penis that is thicker than it is long or a really useless person. An example of this would be: That Phil Hall, he's a right chode.
  • Queef - which really should be a scrabble word, but is actually the neologism for... a fanny fart. Nice. An example (but only cos I want to give you one, an example that is) would be: Was that a queef or have you been at the beans, again?
I will endeavour to try and rustle up a few more.


No one gives a shit about my TV habits as is born witness by the total drop in page views whenever I wibble on about it. Therefore I shall do this as quickly and painlessly as possible (there might be spoilers, I can't say for sure until I've written it).
Warehouse 13 has been split into two halves, what SyFy did with Eureka a few years back. Expect a cancellation notice in the next 6 months. Not the best first 10 episodes I've ever seen.
Fringe is bonkers, still. However, it has kind of jumped the shark and not necessarily in a good way.
Dexter is also bonkers, but in a good way. Love this and there's only one more series to go after this one, so I expect this is series is going to be full of scene-setting whenever Dex isn't trying to kill people.
666 Park Avenue is new and quite creepy, even if it's also a bit cheesy in that it stars two beautiful people (and Terry Quinn). I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes, so it stays on the viewing list.
Vampire Diaries was a major disappointment and I'm hoping it hasn't lived its natural life and is now doing its true undead bit. Plus, the big revelation is shit and Klaus is still alive, FFS.
Homeland is quite brilliant and I kind of love it more now than I did. I think something major is going to happen when I watch ep3 because I can't see how they can carry on with the storyline without something BIG happening.
Lilyhammer is shit (sorry Rog, I know you said this and I disagreed) but it's good shit, like eating too much roughage and nuts. I think I would have enjoyed it more without Steve Van Zant in it.

That's the USA taken care of (I think) and I can't be arsed to think of anything else.

Stuff & Nonsense
  • I must learn to stop being such a cunt sometimes.
  • I met another person who thinks we're just in purgatory - there are so many of us now we should start a new religion.
  • M83, ELO (but that little guilty pleasure has ended), Steven Wilson and Thee More Shallows. There is a growing feeling that I should revisit my CD collection and pull 25 CDs I haven't played for more than 5 years.
  • The bread making machine is pretty funky.
  • I feel fucking lousy...

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