Saturday, October 20, 2012

Number 76

Plebs, all of us

I wonder just what most LibDem party members must think on mornings like this? A party that over the last 10 years or so has seemed more like Old Labour than Labour has since 1995. On balance of things, disillusioned voters, such as me, would eventually come to view the Liberals as the only viable alternative, especially if you didn't want to vote for Blair or Brown. We all came in for truly justified criticism when the Libs got into bed with the Tories and most floating voters would never admit to voting for the LibDems, especially now, when it is obvious that the party is essentially there to make up the numbers and, at best, try and stop Cameron and his cronies from completely butt-fucking the country.

The reason why Cams, Osborne, Gove, Lansley, Shapps and co want to butt-fuck the country is because they can't fix it. Mervyn King might be a bit of a twat, but he was dead right when he forecast a year before the last general election that whoever won it would probably become unelectable for a generation. The smart money - because let's face it, the bookies tend to know what's going to happen - was on that general election being a good one to lose. If you read all the right things (even in the Nazigraph and Murdock papers), you would have seen a trend developing and I kind of think that Cameron fancied his chances of bucking that trend - it was a shame that none of his 'team' felt the same way and most of them realised that Dave was about as astute as a house brick.

What better way of ensuring that the prophecies prior to the election couldn't possibly come true? Well, you could have a go at fixing things, but that requires too much money and hard work; so instead you pussyfoot about making people think you're trying to fix things, but in reality you're just making sure that Mervyn King's forecast doesn't come true by ensuring that whoever gets into power in 2015 will inherit such a pus-filled poison chalice that only the most idiotically idealist people would want to have a go at sorting the mess out.

What we are seeing, my friends, is the beginning of the end for this country.

I know how melodramatic that sounds, but look at the facts. Despite protestations from the neutered LibDems, the Tories are fucking over the disabled, the poor, the hard working and the honest, while allowing all the people that good honest folk despise get away with fleecing the country. My mate, whose quote was used in a prior blog, summed it up perfectly - if Cameron or more precisely IDS was to actually do a full scale means test and review of the benefits system and focused as much energy into giving people what they're entitled to rather than attempt to lop a few million off the bill (a few million isn't close to a billion, by the way), then they would realise that poverty, deprivation, alienation, ignorance and a host of other descriptions was far more prevalent than the small percentage, like Fuckwit next door, who are screwing the system. Of course, the last thing a government wants is more dependency on the state, especially if you're a conservative; but that's the sad truth of this country in 2012.

I find it quite amusing that the Tories hate the government getting involved in the lives of the average pleb; they were always berating Labour for being too hands on and getting involved in areas they shouldn't be. Yet, has anyone noticed the amount of times Dave and his ministers have said we should be doing this or that or not doing the other? Ministers can't help telling us what we should be doing, while all they should be doing is sorting out whatever mess there is.

So Andrew Mitchell has finally resigned, but George Osborne can fare dodge, Grant Shapps can run businesses using an assumed name, Michael Gove wants to redevelop the education system and Jeremy Hunt can be a complete and utter cunt and yet will emerge in the next few years as a replacement for Dave - you mark my words.

There's a fantastic picture of Osborne and his 'aide' both having a good old laugh while sitting in first class on a train after paying standard fare tickets. There's a small furore about it in the press, but no one appears to have asked the question as to why Osborne bought standard fare tickets in the first place, especially if he couldn't be expected to sit with 'plebs'.

The current administration isn't interested in fixing any problems, they just want to exacerbate them; we are now more than ever living in a time when a government isn't looking towards a bright future, they're looking towards screwing up whoever gets in after them so that the situation will always get worse and the poorest people will suffer.

Obviously I'm just one of a few people who has the ability to realise this. Just remember, if you end up voting Tory it's your fault if everything goes to hell in a tatty hand basket.

Dog Blog

I briefly mentioned this t'other day, but my dogs are considerably more popular than me. The thing I set up, more on a whim than anything else, is viewed far more than my own Tumblr page. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised; dogs tend to be more popular than people at the best of times.

The Fuckwit and the Leylandii

Several weeks ago Fuckwit - he of the disability benefits who can afford gardeners, car valets and home delivery shopping - had the top of the fucking stupid conifer he planted on our side of his garden about 15 years ago (just before we moved here) cut off, leaving it looking like something that had been hit by a low flying plane. It really is an eyesore now rather than just a fucking nuisance.

Not the most perfect example, but you can see where the rest is missing
The thing is it was about 15 foot tall when we moved here, it's now about 50 (having been about 70 but the top 20 feet were lopped off) and as a result it looks like a dog's dinner (see above). Now I'd like it gone; I think many others would also like it gone, apart from Fuckwit (but even he must want it gone because he had the top chopped off). The major problem is its width. It's now a bit chode like, almost as wide as it is long and half of it's girth is invading my garden and throwing shade across parts that need as much sun as possible.

The big problem is I don't like talking to the man, let alone asking him anything, especially as I expect he'll say he can't afford it or would we like to contribute to its removal. That would lead to much expletives and me calling him all the worthless wankstains on the planet. Probably not a good idea, eh? We really need to replace the fence down his side of the garden, but it's actually his responsibility and he seems as reluctant about improving his garden as he does about getting a job. I also need to fix part of the big shed roof, but that would require me gaining access to it via his garden and, you know, that's just too much fucking hassle at the moment. I just want him to die or be found out by the benefits fraud squad and go to jail ...

Stuff & Nonsense

  • My decision to play CDs I haven't played for at least 5 years has yielded some great hours so far. Frizzle Fry by Primus is such a bonkers album it was a real pleasure to sing along to it after so long. It's one of these strange albums, a bit like The Power of Pussy by Bongwater, I love it to bits, I bought (or downloaded) everything else but only ever seem to play the album that got me into them. I listened to Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty - hard to believe that it is 23 years old or that Jeff Lynne co-wrote most of the tracks. This morning I am grooving to Mercury Rev's All is Dream making me realise that there's another awesome band that I have neglected, although to be fair Deserter's Songs is played at least a couple of times a year. On the stack for the rest of today is Gomez's Split the Difference and (cough) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which I reckon I haven't listened to since the 1980s. I've just put it on, as it happens, and, well, it is a bit of a classic. I also have the new Rush album to try and listen to again.
  • Taking the newly engaged couple out for a meal tonight, provided I feel human - as it stands, I feel worse now than I did last Monday when I was initially told I was ill.
  • Tinned sprouts?

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