Wednesday, January 02, 2013

... The Story So Far ...

As someone who whinges about the passage of time almost as often as I whinge about my health, I was quite surprised to see that I actually started blogging only about 10 years ago.

I think of 42 ( as being the place where my blogging started, but in reality it started in 2002 with my first personal blog. 42 was always going to be a place where I wasn't Phil Hall (although as it was only read by two people and they both knew who I was...) and would say and pontificate about the world and its inhabitants without the spotlight (conceited, or what?) being shone at me. Conceptually 42 was a good idea, but there are literally more blogs than there are opinions out there and like arseholes everyone has at least one opinion and as I've discovered over the last 12 months, blogs are only as popular as the things you write about in them.

My first blog, which I started shortly before I left CI, was never going to amount to much, mainly because of Dez Skinn and the fact I couldn't have an opinion. I'm surprised it took me so long to start 42 and yet that happened After Dez. 

Eventually there was FarkyNell.

FarkyNell was my second ever personalised blog and anyone who reads this (regularly) will know the reasons why that bit the dust. In fact, I've always been a wee bit disappointed about that blog's demise, mainly because it had some good stuff on it and in a fit of pique I deleted the entire thing when I just could have deleted the entry that ended up getting me into a lot of trouble at (my then) work (sort of). Whereas 42 exists - even if I don't know how to access it any more, FarkyNell is lost to the ether, along with some good reviews, some cutting edge opinions and quite a few funny things.

Then there was this (and the others).

While trying out new designs for 2013, I saw that I had written lots and lots of things over the last few years - over 475 posts - and that is some body of work (not including all the other entries in other sub-blogs), especially as over the years my (small) audience has dwindled. That's a Roy Castle-like dedication.

A kind of rough approximation of the last 12 months would see that my favourite subjects were: my health, my neighbours and my ranting about something unrelated to those above two. Your favourite subject was rants about my neighbours, usually something to do with Fuckwit. I've even stopped writing about some things that I know the people who read this blog are not interested in (but I haven't stopped writing about feeling crappy; I mean, what do people have blogs for if they can't just all be sympathy-fishing closet hypochondriacs?

Some of my blogs have kept me amused. My uncanny ability to forecast the British weather is always a laugh (or not) and I enjoy my gig reviews, sometimes more than the gigs themselves. I have attempted to have some kind of 'structure' to my blogs - an annual theme or a general feel - and this year is no different. I'm sure anyone who gives a shit about my quirky little pointless games will understand the upcoming themes quicker than I'd care, sooner than I figured.

I have a vague trail; I might change it. Perhaps 2013 should be about free forming. We shall see.

Effercio et Ineptias

  • Back to work tomorrow. Goodbye to another memorably awful holiday. I go back to work with a raging sore throat and dodgy guts. I'm sure you wanted to know this, I'm positive I needed to tell you.  I'm thinking the damp is now just causing everyone to rust. I expect I will still be coughing when the next spell of cold weather eventually arrives.
  • I am devoid of something to read. The George RR Martin books are all up to date and I didn't get any 'reading' books for Chrimble.
  • I bumped into someone I went to school with - in the actual same class - and for all my health hang ups, I look okay.
  • Tonight I'm going to milk the last strands of my holiday and watch some crap on TV; at least having to go back to work for just two days (sort of) means that before you know it there'll be a weekend again (and then a miasma of hell sprawled out beyond that)!

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