Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trading Dark Matter on the Stock Exchange

Despite having a number of bonus blogs scheduled for the next few days, this is probably going to be my last 'live' entry until next week; by which time it will all be over for another year and we can all start saving again.

I wouldn't do Christmas if it wasn't for the wife. I like wishing people a good one, but when it boils down to it, it's just a massive excuse to get into debt, buy shit and be excessive. I might not be religious, but what I miss about Christmas is peace on earth, goodwill to all men and that slightly magical feeling it seemed to have when I was a child. I love carols; I adore the idea of people getting rid of all that selfish aggression that is rife between the months of January and November. But other than that its just one big fucking commercial fuckaroo. There's bugger all on TV (like there is anyhow, but...), everything is Year in Review biased and excess is the order of the season.

The wife won't let me do Christmas. She hates the idea of me spending a grand total of £100 on the entire festive season. The fact that I would tell all of our friends and family that they're not getting the drippings of a rancid cow's arse, let alone a present or a card. I wouldn't have a tree, I would not have decorations and I wouldn't be cheery and festive. I might even stretch to a massive FUCK OFF wreath on the front door. Instead, I have to just chisel away at her making sure she spends less and less every year. Next year she might have to, especially if there are no jobs on the horizon once I join the massed ranks of Cameron's Career Unemployed.

I know this makes me sound even more like the grumpy old bastard that my blog persona has become; but seriously, don't some of you just wish Christmas could be a couple of days at the end of December and then get on with our lives?

ي ي ي

2011 holds a wee bit of trepidation. It is an unknown quantity that could be one of the scariest in my 48 years. There are some massive things taking place - my potential unemployment; a possible operation on my back; a 25th wedding anniversary just to name 3 biggies.

The consultant at the spinal injuries unit was a good bloke. He examined me, told me that I was still suffering from the prolapsed disc and from chronic sciatica. Referred me to a surgeon. Put me on Amitriptolene - which used to be the only anti-depressant available in the 1960s and 70s (despite it actually being more harmful in many physical cases) - it is now used to help heal nerve damage. He's confident I can regain a lot of what I've lost from the waist down. He also told me that it was time for me to try and return to my normal life; that going back to work, lifting things and getting some exercise was going to have a far better affect on me than sitting around worrying about possibly slipping a disc again - besides, it aint going to happen again, at least not where it's gone. It might go somewhere else, but it can't go in the same place twice!

One interesting thing did come out of my consultation; the doc reckons that I might have brought the prolapse on myself, because I stopped smoking; thus confirming the theory I had over the last couple of months.

The prospect of either trying to find another new career or taking a massive pay cut to remain in the one I enjoy is also the kind of thing you don't want on your mind at Christmas. But, shit happens and despite moaning for years, shit of this kind has not happened to me for a long time. I am not the guy that the wife married any more, so pulling my socks up and getting on with the task is going to be a lot easier than the pot smoking mid 20s layabout I was before I started my shop and began almost 20 years of non-stop employment!

ي ي ي

There are three things I want to do in 2011. The first is go to New York to see Blow Up Hollywood live and meet my good friend and inspiration behind BUH, Steve Messina. Steve is one of those rare things in the world, a thoroughly lovely guy. He's one of the most spiritual people I've had the pleasure of making acquaintance with and economy permitting I intend to visit him and party like its 2011!

Another person I fully intend to meet for the first time is Will Vigar. I've 'known' Will for over 10 years, yet despite that, we've never met in person and I fully intend to make sure that this anomaly is righted.

The other thing is quite simple really. I want to get naked with Karen Gillan. This is likely to be the least achievable of my wishes.

ي ي ي

In 2011, I also intend to go to more gigs. Roger and I are already going to Leamington in April to see Blackfield. With a bit of luck Amplifier will do a tour this coming year and depending on how far south they get, I will try and see them at least twice. I also intend to go to at least 3 more gigs - don't know who I'll see, but I've neglected my gig going in 2010. One is not enough.

ي ي ي

It appears that the thaw isn't going to happen just yet.
My opposite neighbours need loft insulation.
Either my disdain for fishwife is very apparent now, or he's discovered this blog.

ي ي ي

I would like to grudgingly wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable festive period. May you get what you want. Be nice to each other; don't let the bastards grind you down and come out the end of it with a real desire to make 2011 a special year. But above all else, don't die!

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