Saturday, February 05, 2011

7 Bags of Apollonian Pooh

"Is it breakfast again already?"

QI recently had a little section about the perception of time; a slightly humorous little section that confirmed my suspicions that time goes 'faster' the longer you are on the planet. Of course, it doesn't, it just seems like it does. I work with a lovely lady called Sue, who I thought was in her early 50s and it turns out she's a couple of months shy of 65 (a fact that literally saw my jaw hit the floor - Joan Collins eat your heart out!). Sue said the other day, 'I can't believe it's February already, it just seems like yesterday that I had to put up with all my family at Christmas'. It prompted me to suggest that if I thought the world moved fast at 48, then God knows what it must be like for her. Her reply was that I'd find out soon enough and how right she is. No wonder adults used to tell us to stop wishing our lives away! The problem is that you cannot convince a young person that time will fly past them at a ever increasing velocity the more of it they experience.

When I used to drive to Finchley every day for work in the 1990s, the journey was a pain in the arse when I first started, but by the time I'd done it 500 times it seemed just like a blink of the eye. I know it doesn't make sense, but familiarity breeds speed. It's been over 10 years since I last did the journey regularly, but it still has that familiarity about it and doesn't appear to take as long as it once did. When I was a kid, a journey to London to see relatives would take like half my life! Of course, the reality is that for a kid of 10, a year is just one tenth of their life, while a person of 50 the same period is a 50th of his/her life, and so on and so forth, so no wonder time is perceived to go faster. So presumably people over 100 years old just see the world whiz past in a blur until they die...


I wonder what John Squire is doing with himself nowadays?


The temperature in the car today? 14.5 degrees. My God it's almost spring!

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