Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stink of the Dump

I bought an Akira T-shirt in 1989. Nothing spectacular about that I hear you say. Well, maybe not, but I still own it and it hasn't faded. The image (of the main character with a big FO gun) is still as vibrant and clear as it was the day I first put it on. However, the cotton now has the feel of the heel of an old sock. It is very much a case of the print lasting longer than the material. But the fact that it is 22 years old and still look utterly brilliant is a testament to a time when you could guarantee a bit of longevity from your purchases.


I'm being filmed on Thursday afternoon. The project I created and ran last year - the Intergenerational Project called No Generation Gap was so successful in terms of participation that it is being included in a documentary about getting young people to work with old fogies. However, I don't think it's going to be appearing on a TV screen near any of you any time soon as the film is being made for the umbrella project School of Life.

To briefly explain the above statement. Back in 2008, the Labour government instigated a Generations Together initiative, which was essentially a thing to get organisations to bring together the young and old and break down any perceived barriers. In 2009, the idea was rolled out to councils and the one I work for launched their School of Life project. Autonomously from this the Northants Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership decided that the concept of Intergeneration work was a good one to get antisocial behaviour reduced and they gave the organisation I work for £2000 to create a project.

That was in the summer of 2009, the time I was off recuperating from my shoulder operation. When I returned to work, nothing had been done about it at all, but management thought that I was possibly the right person to have a go at developing something and I was asked, on my return to work, if I fancied doing something with it. I did and blowing my own trumpet (because work has been doing it for me for the last 16 months), I created a blindingly excellent project called No Generation Gap, which took young offenders into the community and gave them the opportunity to teach the older generations how to use all this new fangled electronic gadgetry. It was a huge success and we had many positive outcomes.

The project only lasted a year, but as a result of the development and organisation I put into it, it became the unofficial flagship of the county's School of Life project; my idea was used as a template for other Intergenerational projects; I got invited to sit on committees, steering groups and even was given the responsibility of being one of four people who decided where the School of Life's money was distributed. It was probably the most enjoyable and productive year of work I have ever done.

Now, fast forward to February 2011. The School of Life project is due to finish at the end of March when the funding runs out, but the current government wants proof that the entire strategy was a success; so I've been asked if I'd like to do a filmed interview to outline my project, talk about its achievements and help the School of Life justify its existence. Which is nice.


It's the first day this year that has felt like spring is on its way. The temperature according to my car was 10.5 degrees; there's barely a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining and this time next week it'll probably be snowing again, you just know it...


That was all written much earlier. I did my interview on camera and it went very well and I enjoyed the sunny weather. I think I'll put on my Akira T-shirt and go for a beer!


Excuse me for a moment, but I have the need for a rant. I'll keep it quick and I do apologise to my good friend Mark.

Fucking Liverpool FC.

Jesus Barry Christ, this is a team that over the last 18 months have become nothing more than Europa Cup contenders; they have little or no chance of winning the league and yet the BBC seems to have this ongoing love affair with the team and employs half of its football 'experts' who all either played for the Red Shite or support them. from Alan Green on 5Live to Colin Murray to Alan 'Captain fucking Scarlet' Hanson and Mark 'I'm a complete and utter cunt' Lawrenson.

This is a team that last won the league when I was still in my 20s and yet they are treated as though they are some kind of magical bean about to grow the BBC some wonderful beanstalk that will pave the way to glory and a tub full of gorgeous naked women. This is a team that spent £35million, that's £35,000,000 on a player who isn't as good as Wayne Rooney and might turn out to be the 21st century equivalent of Mark Hateley - and God I pray that's the case. The Rede Shite have won 3 games on the trot now spouts twatboy Hanson - yes, Al, they have p- they beat Wolves, bottom of the table, Fulham, who were 17th and Stoke who are 14th. it's not like they've just done over Man U, Arsenal and Barcelona is it? Yes, their new striker scored a goal last night on his debut, but so did Daniel Sturridge for Bolton, who are one place lower than Liverpool, and so did Robbie Keane for West Ham, whose relegation battle is probably far more interesting than Liverpool's rise into nearly a Europa Cup place.

Suddenly Red Shite fans are talking about them making a serious bid for the top 4 and a league title bid next season and if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.

The facts are this. Chelsea are in 4th, they are 9 points ahead of Liverpool and play them on Sunday. They also have a game in hand. if Chelsea win they will be 12 points in front and will still have a game in hand and we're well past the half way point in the season. My team are 6 points clear and have a game in hand - they are also in the Champions League and Man City have more money and players than Liverpool has unemployed wankers. So why does the entire football world revolve around this red shower of shit? Even the Guardian gave them the front page of the sports section today. Sunderland fans, whose team are 2 points ahead of the Shite and have arguably been a far more consistent side this season must wonder what they have to do to get some coverage.

It doesn't excuse the fact that while Liverpool have spent £60million on two strikers, apart from Steven 'wanna fight' Gerard, they don't actually have that many good footballers in the side and will not be challenging for anything until they spend another £200million on the rest of the team. And they and the majority of their supporters are a bunch of useless self-obsessed cunts! Nuff said!

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