Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Comic Book Diaries (Prologue)

This is the name of a new blog that I am going to be producing*.

It will be many things; a lot of which I'm undecided about. It will, hopefully, be worth following, especially if you're a comics fan; so I urge you to bookmark it for your future delectation.

Think of it as an idea in progress. Skirt round its edge, because I'm not sure if it will bite or not. If you follow my blogs and have no interest in comic books, you might choose to avoid it; but equally, you might learn something about an industry - yes, it is an industry - that is at times so complex and nasty, it makes Dallas and JR Ewing seem positively squidgy and fluffy.

It's an experiment. One that delves into the past and drags it into the present, exposes it and asks whether it's relevant and regardless of the answer, whether it's worth pursuing.

On June 6th, I will have been involved, in a hands on way, with comics, for 35 years. It was on a hot summer's day in 1976, that memorable hot 1976, that I first ventured into the world of comic marts, fanzines and sweat fuelled fraternities. I had been reading comics for longer, but it was that day that changed things. Not all of the following 35 years are relevant, but a lot of them are...

It's active now!

*Never say never

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